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We make farming possible in the heart of our cities

We plant 50+ species without seasonal & geographical limitations

The recipes cover the following 10 species of microgreens, rare herbs and edible flowers:

Fruit platter with Flowers

Oxalis flowers serve as an excellent dressing of fresh fruit platter with its perfect combination of grape-skin sourness, flower honey, and pink-shinny outlook.

Purple and volcanic mix viola flowers can be added to colour the dish as well.

The basil smash

The basil smash is a real fresh kick, smashing lemon and basil and blend into a cup of gin gives the most ideal summer drink.

Aromatto basil gives a distinct subtle latter’s herbal and anise tones in the cocktail.

Diced wagyu beef with nasturtium

The unique hot plant-like wasabi taste and decent look of nasturtium leaves match the salty fried beef perfectly

Seabass with amaranth

The raw amaranth and boiled spinach can perfectly thin out the oil from the pan-fried seabass.

Nutritious amaranth microgreen gives a mild sweet beet flavor to complement the seabass dish with an extra layer of texture and taste.

Lime basil sorbet

The best dessert to celebrate the flavors and traditions of summer. Lime basil leaves are packed with high vitamins, copper, magnesium and iron.

The lime basil gives a stronger lime taste, and also adding nutritional values to this delicious sorbet dessert.

Kebab plate with oxalis

Kebab Plate is served on a colourful palette of purple oxalis.

The sourness from oxalis leaves tone down the saltiness of kebab meat.

Red prawn with nasturtium

Nasturtium paired with grilled Spanish red prawn providing a hint of unique wasabi flavor. A burst of sweet meaty prawn and spiciness in mouth.

White dianthus flowers can be added to color the dish as well.

Oxalis in mixed vege salad

This refreshing appetizer features stir-fried shallot and crab roe salad spiced up with sour purple oxalis.

The combination of oxalis and salad provides a marvelous juxtaposition of flavors, textures and colors

Slow roasted chicken with salad mix

The salad mix microgreen adds an extra spicy, sweet and bitter taste to the juicy slow roasted chicken breast.

Salad mix on toast

The toast filled with avocado and black vinegar providing savoury and sour flavour.

Adding nutritious salad mix microgreens on top to retain their crisp texture and freshness while enhancing the dish with a hint of spicy, bitter and sweet taste.

Thai basil chicken

This popular Thailand street food can be regenerated with marinated chicken stir-fried with Farmacy basil and chili.

Thai sweet basil contributes with an anise nuance, and subtle notes of spice to this dish.  

Radish puff appetizer

The radish-flavoured microgreen adds mild spunky kick to the goat cheese and beet mini puff pastry.

Salmon sushi with mustard

The mustard microgreen packed with rich dietary fiber and minerals. Bursting with a strong spicy flavour to clear sinuses, mustard replaces the need of wasabi.

The mustard gives a spunky kick to salmon sushi and other Japanese food.

Radish English muffin

Radish microgreen adds extra vitamins and antioxidants to the ordinary BLT English muffin.

The radish microgreen enhances the dish with its mild spicy radish flavor for a fresher breakfast experience.